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We bring 3.8 billion years of R&D to your design table

Biomimicry guarantees a new innovation perspective—from the built environment and consumer packaged goods, to organizational development and green chemistry.

Our consulting staff of biologists, chemists, business leaders, and designers work with client teams to incorporate nature’s time-tested strategies into products, organizations, and services.

How can we help you?

Is your team seeking new innovation opportunities?

We can help connect you with the right biological intelligence to find a solution.

When a Fortune 500 consumer goods company needed better resealable packaging, we helped solve one of its most vexing challenges by asking, “What would nature do here?”

The innovation process began with our biologists and design strategists identifying more than 60 biological strategies and mechanisms that could help create a resealable packaging solution that was intuitive to use, cost effective, and avoids product contamination.



This work challenged us to ask nature many questions, including how does nature: maintain flavor and freshness, protect during transport, provide barrier to light, moisture, and vapor. The successes yielded a set of mentors that allowed a new way of thinking to blossom within the company.

Using biomimicry allows our clients to look at challenges in an entirely different way, greatly increasing the creative scope for finding solutions. Our process guarantees fresh perspective, and can stand alone or map to existing innovation processes.

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Not only did our final report feature nine promising biological solutions and 16 biological champions–including the aortic heart valve and the Venus Fly Trap–the work inspired a new way of thinking within the company.

The biological intelligence provided was used as the starting point to engage a university-based design team. To date, three patents have resulted from the work.

We work with teams across all sectors. View detailed case studies and industry-specific examples in your sector here. If your team has a specific challenge in need of an innovative solution…

Does your team have a building-design opportunity?

We can help you achieve resilient design by accessing nature’s proven strategies.

When a design team, including architects, local stakeholders, and the U.S. Forest Service, needed a common vision for a resilient visitors center that truly reflected its surroundings in the desert of Nevada, we used biomimicry to provide that unifying mindset.



This work challenged us to ask nature a wide-range of questions, including how does nature conserve water, regulate temperature, maintain physical integrity, communicate and cooperate, and provide ecosystem services. The successes yielded a united design team that produced a facility incorporating numerous biomimetic elements and exhibits explaining them.

We collaborate with developers, architects, engineers, and design teams to achieve resilient built environment design by accessing nature’s proven strategies defined through 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R&D. Our ecologically-inspired insights can be delivered at any stage of the architectural, engineering, and planning processes.

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First, our team identified 24 local species that were particularly well adapted to deal with challenges like thermoregulation and water conservation, as well as cooperation and communication.

We then helped translate the biological intelligence and integrate it into the project using our unique process that met the needs of all stakeholders.

The resulting Spring Mountain Visitor Gateway models several adaptations, including of Black-tailed jackrabbit’s ability to achieve greater energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

If your team has a built environment design opportunity

Looking to enhance the sustainability of a product, organization, or service?

We can introduce you to nature’s deep design principles that help create conditions conducive to life.

Biomimicry has become a cornerstone that helps Interface Inc. achieve its industry-leading sustainability initiatives. At the beginning of the company’s journey using biomimicry, they turned to us to help design better flooring.

Our team helped identify biological intelligence that resulted in the creation of a new a carpet line inspired by random pattern formation in nature. Entropy carpet tiles minimize dye use and cut down on installation waste.



This work challenged us to ask nature how to attach, and how to leverage gravity. The successes included the production of several products, each that had an important sustainability impacts, including reducing Interface's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% and reducing their water intake by 80%.

To be truly sustainable, a company, it’s product or services, must create conditions conducive to life. Our methodology allows biomimicry to be applied to create new products, processes, and policies—new ways of living—that are inherently sustainable, effective and efficient, reduce materials and waste, increase revenue and brand loyalty.

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In record time, Entropy™/I2 became Interface’s top-selling product and reduced accumulation costs by millions of dollars thanks to waste elimination.

Starting with inspiration from the gecko, and ultimately emulating leveraging gravity, Interface was further inspired to create TacTiles®, a glue-free carpet installation system with an environmental footprint that’s more than 90% lower than traditional carpet adhesives.

If your team wants to assess and enhance the sustainability 
of a product, organization, or service

The discipline [of biomimicry] is no longer just an academic exercise. It has become an innovation tool that allows companies to develop a new class of products and services.

— Forbes
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